Kamesh Peter Iocovello is a wellness practitioner and educator recognized for his therapeutic approach to a mind-body practice. He guides all bodies and abilities in achieving their wellness goals and improving their quality of life. Peter integrates his extensive knowledge of massage, yoga, and biomechanics to facilitate physical and energetic healing.

In 1997, tired of an occupation that was mechanical and isolating, Peter enrolled at the Swedish Institute to pursue massage. Through massage therapy he connected with his true purpose in holding space for others to thrive. A lifelong student, Peter has since immersed himself in many modalities to continue empowering himself and his clients.


He is the Founder and Owner of Bronxville Wellness Sanctuary in Bronxville, NY, where he offers massage and private yoga sessions. He is a 500 hr Certified Yoga Acharya Teacher and ZenSpot Institute Faculty Member, leading yoga teacher trainings and workshops. He is dedicated to practicing mindfulness and honoring everyone who crosses his path. 

It was during an intensive Acharya (or spiritual teacher) yoga training that he was given the name Kamesh, "Lord of Love," for his devotion to teaching from heart-centered experiences and sharing his light. In addition to spreading his blissful intention with the world, Peter can be found traveling, finding humor in just about everything, and loving life.

To learn more about Peter's professional experience and education, connect with him on LinkedIn.

Kamesh Peter Iocovello Yoga Acharya


Acharya, Bearer of Light. 

"In India, those who teach kindergarten through college are called teachers. But one who has great love, who has attained a higher level of knowledge through practice, and who teaches others through his or her own life, is called an “acharya,” or spiritual teacher." - Swami Kripalu


Kamesh Peter Iocovello Yoga Event

Client Testimonials:

"I thought Kamesh (Peter) was attentive to my needs and very knowledgeable about my particular injury in yoga. His adaptions were "spot on" and making himself available in-between appointments should I need it was also appreciated!" - Kathleen W.

"Usually by this time in my marathon training ( a month before the race) I have some sort of physical issue or overuse injury but not this time! Working with Peter Iocovello on yoga, stretching, recovery and mindfulness has been amazing. I think it's going to lead to a big jump in race performance next month, but more importantly, race results aren't as consuming as they used to be. I'm loving the gift of being able to run, and much happier and balanced in my life overall. A huge thanks to Peter for the transformation." - Jennifer D.

"My one on one yoga session with Peter was life changing. I learn so much that will definitely help with my yoga practice. Great birthday gift to myself." - Semone S.

"Peter took me from hunched over, in pain and moving gingerly to no pain and exercise in three massages. He did a great job figuring out why my back muscles were strained (it wasn't my back...) and then healed me with his hands. I will be going back more often to keep my body aligned." - Marie R.

"Amazing!!! I've experienced multiple Kriya Breathing sessions with Peter Iocovello over the last several months. Kriya Breathing improves my quality of life. So wild!! It's a must-try.

Each session is different, depending on what surfaces in the moment and what is going on in your life. Peter is a master of being in the flow and assisting energy movements through the client's body. Both a personal trainer and massage therapist for several decades (yeah, Pete is older than he looks), Peter has a deep knowledge of the human body that comes from both experience and intuition.

I feel comfortable being as free as I need to be when I work with Peter. I can't say that of many people. Often in my Kriya sessions, I am screaming loudly, humming, chanting, waving my arms around, thumping my feet -- whatever wants to be released, I release. No need to hold back with Peter! He guides you with the breathing pace and technique like the coach that he is, but ultimately trusts the client to take the lead. After my first session unblocked stagnant energy in my arms and overall system, I went home and typed 50 pages. After my last session, I was more centered than I've been in months, and have maintained the grounding for several weeks afterwards despite tumult occurring around me.” -Nina G.